How do I enter a fund Distribution of Stock?  


To enter a distribution of stock: 

  • Go to Portfolio Management and select the Transactions tab.
  • Create a new Transaction by selecting the button for “Add Transaction”.
  • Select the Fund from the drop down list for Company / Fund. Note that Funds are listed alphabetically after all the Companies.
  • Enter the date of the Distribution of Stock.
  • Select Distribution of Stock from the Transaction Type drop-down menu.
  • Enter the number of shares distributed.
  • Enter the share price of the shares distributed.
  • From the New Round dropdown list, select the name of the round of stock which you received. Note that the company and round must already be entered in your account. To learn more about entering companies and rounds, click here [link].
  • Check the Exit Transaction box if this is the final distribution from the fund.
  • Complete the optional Memo field.
  • Select “Save”.

Note that you must add a Fund to your account before you can add any associated transactions. And you must add the company and round of stock which you are to receive prior to entering a distribution of stock transaction.

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