How do I create my own contact role?

Seraf enables you to create your own custom contact role / title for individuals associated with your portfolio companies. Not only can you record CEO, Founder, CTO, Board Member, and many others from the drop-down list, but you can also create your own entry.

There are two ways to add a custom contact role to your Seraf account, via Direct Input or via Import.

To add a new contact role via Direct Input:

  • Go to Portfolio Management and select the tab for Companies.
  • Create a new company by selecting the button for “Add Company” or edit an existing company record by selecting the pencil icon in the appropriate row.
  • In the section for Management, select the button for “Add Contact” or find an existing contact.
  • In the line for Contact Role select “Other”. 
  • Type in your entry.
  • Save your record by scrolling to the end of the company page and selecting “Save” or add another contact by selecting the button for “Add Another Contact”. 

To add a custom contact role via Import: 

  • Go to the Import tab in Portfolio Management.
  • Follow the steps for the spreadsheet template.
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