How do I add a new document step by step?

To add a new document or file to your Seraf account, follow these steps: 

  • Use the “Add New…” button on the left side menu bar from any page in your account and select Document from the dropdown list. Or, go to Documents & Reports and click the Upload New Document button.
  • Enter the Name of your document, for example Newco Investor Report - Q1 2017,  Newco Series A Deal Docs, or Newco Share Certificate 59. Keep in mind that more descriptive titles make it easier to find documents in the future.
  • Enter the Date the document was issued.
  • Select the Company / Fund to which it relates.
  • Select the Round to which it relates, if relevant.
  • Specify the Year and Quarter to which the file refers.
  • Click the Choose File button to select the file on your computer you would like to add.
  • Choose a Document Type or select "Other" to enter your own. Note that the type of document you choose will affect where the document is displayed (see below).
  • Add any notes in the Memo box.
  • Select the appropriate Document Visibility setting.
  • Click the Save button.   
Once your documents are uploaded to Seraf you can access them from multiple places:
  • Dashboard - Recent Reports Each file categorized as an Investor Report or Financial Statement and dated within the last 3 months is featured on the Dashboard in the Recent Company Reports section.
  • Company / Fund Pages - Any document relating to a particular company or fund can be found under the Documents tab of that entity’s page (found by clicking on a company or fund name).
  • Documents & Reports - Every single document you add to Seraf is stored in Documents & Reports under one of several tabs: Investment Documents, Other Documents, Imports.

Note that Enterprise Accounts and those of their members have Documents and Reports split apart as two separate menu items.

Learn more about what Seraf offers for document storage and record-keeping.

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