How do I add a new document step by step?

To add a new document, follow these steps: 

  • Use the orange “Add New…” button on the left side menu bar from any page in your account to quickly add a document. Or, go to Documents & Reports and click the Upload New Document button.
  • Enter the Name of your document, for example Acme Investor Report - Q1 2017,  Acme Series A Deal Docs, or Acme Share Certificate 59. Keep in mind that more descriptive titles make it easier to find documents in the future.
  • Enter the Date the document was issued.
  • Select the Company / Fund to which it relates.
  • Select the Round to which it relates, if relevant.
  • Specify the Year and Quarter to which the file refers.
  • Click the Choose File button to select the file on your computer you would like to add.
  • Choose a Document Type or select "Other" to enter your own. Note that the type of document you choose will affect where the document is displayed (see below).
  • Add any notes in the Memo box.
  • Select the appropriate Document Visibility setting.
  • Click the Save button.   
Once your documents are uploaded to Seraf you can access them from multiple places:
  • Dashboard - Recent Reports Each file categorized as an Investor Report or Financial Statement and dated within the last 3 months is featured on the Dashboard in the Recent Company Reports section.
  • Company / Fund Pages - Any document relating to a particular company or fund can be found under the Documents tab of that entity’s page (found by clicking on a company or fund name).
  • Documents & Reports - Every single document you add to Seraf is stored in Documents & Reports under one of several tabs: Investment Documents, Other Documents, Imports.

Note that Enterprise Accounts and those of their members have Documents and Reports split apart as two separate menu items.

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