How do I add a round?

There are multiple ways to add new investments to Seraf. 

  1. Quick Add - a simple, fast way to add investments but with very little detail
  2. Direct Input - the best way to add detailed information about each company, round and transaction
  3. Import - a comprehensive way to add multiple investments all at once, using our spreadsheet templates 

To add a new round with full details, we recommend using the Direct Input tool. Please note that to add a round, you must first add a company (see Adding a New Company).

Tip: Seraf provides checklists that outline what information you need in order to add rounds and transactions, and where to find that information in your investor documents. Click here to view all of our checklists.

To start adding a round, click on the Portfolio Management link on the left navigation, then the Round tab. Next, click the Add Round button.  Enter the round name, the company, and the closing date. Now select the security type - additional fields will appear. If you are not sure what to enter in any of these fields, we have created additional FAQs to help clarify. As always, the more information you provide, the more useful Seraf will be to you in the future. The Memo box is a place for you to record notes to yourself as well as your family or advisors about details of the round.

Once you have entered all the round information, click the “Save” button.  

For step-by-step instructions on how to add a new round, you can also watch these short videos:

NOTE - Seraf automatically creates a Common Round for every company you add, because all companies have an initial capitalization structure to reflect the split of ownership between founders and for option exercises to convert into.  This way if you receive options or warrants convertible into common stock, the round is already created for you and does not need to be created. Likewise, if your preferred shares convert into to common stock, the common stock round is already created.  

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