How do I add a new transaction?

There are multiple ways to add new investments to Seraf.

  1. Quick Add - a simple, fast way to add investments but with very little detail
  2. Direct Input - the best way to add detailed information about each company, round and transaction (recommended)
  3. Import - a comprehensive way to add multiple investments all at once, using our spreadsheet templates (recommended)

To quickly record an investment with no detail, you can use Quick Add.

However, if you want to include detailed records about your transaction (or enter warrants, options or restricted stock), you will want to use the Direct Input tool. To add a new transaction, you must first add a company and a round. For help with this, go to Adding a New Company and Adding a New Round.  

Tip: Seraf provides checklists that outline what information you need in order to add rounds and transactions, and where to find that information in your investor documents. Click here to view all of our checklists.

Once you've added the company and round, you can create a transaction by clicking on the Portfolio Management link on the left navigation menu, then the Transaction Tab. Now click the Add Transaction button. Start by selecting the company and round this transaction is associated with. Now enter the date of the transaction and choose the transaction type. Additional fields will appear, depending on what you select.

Fill in the requested data, keeping in mind that fields with asterisks are recommended so that you have the most complete records for yourself, and for family and advisors.

For questions about specific types of transaction, see additional help tips. The Memo box is a place for you to record notes to yourself as well as your family or advisors about details of the transaction.

Once you have entered all of your information, click the “Save” button.


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