How do I add a new company?

There are multiple ways to add new investments to Seraf.

  1. Quick Add - a simple, fast way to add investments but with very little detail
  2. Direct Input - the best way to add detailed information about each company, round and transaction
  3. Import - a comprehensive way to add multiple investments all at once, using our spreadsheet templates 

If you just want to quickly capture your investments and come back later to add detail, we recommend our Quick Add tool.

To add detailed records on a new company including background and contact info, we recommend using the Direct Input method. Start by clicking on the Portfolio Management link on the left navigation. Next, click the Add Company button on the right. 

Now enter as much information as you can. Seraf has indicated recommended fields with a red asterisk. However, the more information you add, the easier it will be to manage your investments in the future. Please note that edits can be made at any time.

Again, once you are done entering as much information as you want, click the Save button.

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