What is in the Documents & Reports section?

The Documents & Reports section of Seraf safely stores all of your investment-related documents and account statements in one central place. Accessed from the left navigation bar of your account, Documents & Reports enables you to save your investment files by entity (company / fund), round, and date, as well as categorize them by type, such as Deal Document, Investor Report, or Financial Statement, among others. You can set viewing permissions to keep them private or, if you invest as part of a group, you can allow others to view them as well.

Your saved documents will not only be easily accessible in Documents & Reports, but also accessible from each entity record with which they are associated. Plus, all Investor Reports and Financial Statements will appear on your Dashboard under Recent Reports for 90 days after their Document Date. 

You can also access your Seraf Account Statements by going to the Account Statement tab. There, you can generate reports to view, print, and download.

Documents & Reports are organized into different tabs for: 

  • Portfolio Documents - Upload and view investor reports, financials, deal documents, due diligence materials, copies of stock certificates and checks, and notes related to your investments. File records you've sent through your own Seraf-generated email address.
  • Other Documents - Upload and view documents, templates, and other materials that are relevant to your investment portfolio but not directly associated with a particular investment or portfolio company.
  • Account Statements - View, print, and download your account statement by quarter, year or any custom period. 
  • Imports - Access previously imported investment templates.

You can upload documents simply by clicking the orange Upload New Document button or email them to your account using your Seraf-generated email address.

Note that if you're an investor in an investment group or fund using Seraf's Enterprise Portal, you'll find your Portfolio Documents, Other Documents and Imports in the Documents section of your account, while Account Statements and other Updates can be found in the Reports section of your account. 

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