How do I add my personal investment data?

Congratulations on signing up for Seraf and taking the first step in organizing your portfolio. Now it’s time to start entering your investment information.

There are multiple ways to get started as we've laid out below, but you can also watch this video on how to get started. In addition, Seraf provides checklists that outline what information you need in order to add rounds and transactions, and where to find that information in your investor documents. Click here to view all of our checklists.

1. If you don't have all of the details on an investment, you may want to try our Quick Add feature, accessible through Portfolio Management. You can always come back later and add more detail. For more information on Quick Add, click here or watch this short video tutorial. Note that by using Quick Add you will not be able to take full advantage of the analytics in Seraf, since only the bare basics are recorded. 

2. You can also use the Direct Input method, accessible through Portfolio Management, which requires you to add a company, then a round, and finally a transaction. For help with these steps, see Adding a CompanyAdding a Round and Adding a Transaction.

This method allows you to provide more details which yields better insights from your Portfolio Analysis. Plus it is helpful to you, and to your family and advisers to have complete records. For more information on how to use this method, check out this video tutorial.

3. If you want to add many investments all at once, a third method is our Import tool. You can download the spreadsheet templates supplied, fill them out following the instructions provided in the spreadsheet, and then upload and import them to Seraf. For more information on Imports, see how to import multiple investments.

Uploading Documents - If you are signed up for the Advanced or Professional Portal, you may want to start uploading investment documents to your account now as well. Click here for more information on Documents & Reports.


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