How are investments organized?

Current Investments are organized by Company or by Round. You can change your view by using the green tabs at the top of the chart. For more details on a particular investment you can click on a company or round name, such as Acme or Acme Series B.

Clicking on a company name will provide basic information about the company. At the top of each company page are three additional tabs, allowing you to view documents, transactions, and news related to that particular company. The Transactions tab provides a table showing each investment you have made. Clicking on the transaction type (e.g. Purchase Shares) will provide more details about that transaction. Clicking on the round name will provide more details about the round.

You can also view all of your investments, including those that have exited, in your Transaction Register.

To learn more about the Current Investments table on Seraf, watch this short video:


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