How can I change the name of my emailed document to something more descriptive?

Seraf automatically generates a name for each document it creates when you forward an email to your account. These names typically indicate that the document was emailed and the date on which it was sent, along with the name of the attachment , or "email body". 

We recommend that you change the name to something more descriptive, like "Acme Investor Report Q1 2017", "Acme Financials FY 2017" or "Acme Series A Deal Docs 2017". 

You can change the name when you file the document by replacing the Name of Document with the name you prefer. If the document has already been filed, simply click on the pencil icon next to the document in the Documents & Reports section.

Note that Enterprise Accounts and those of their members have Documents and Reports split apart as two separate menu items.

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