How do I share investment records with co-investors?

You can share information about companies and rounds of investment with colleagues. Seraf provides powerful data sharing and collaboration features to make your life easier.

To share records, just visit the company page of any company in your portfolio and look for the Share tab.

First, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with, then confirm how you want your name to appear in the email. Next, you can add a short message, or use the default note Seraf has provided.

Now, choose how you would like to share the information. We designed this new time-saving feature to encompass three different types of sharing:

  1. Copy - Information about the company and its rounds will be shared as a basic copy. Any edits you make in the future will not be automatically shared.
  2. Subscription - Information about the company and its rounds will be shared as a linked copy. Any edits you make in the future will be automatically shared as well.
  3. Collaboration - Information about the company and its rounds will be shared as a linked copy. Shared information can be edited or updated by either party, and will be reflected in both accounts. Note: If you choose to collaborate with someone you run the risk of edits being made to the information you entered for this company.

Any investments you add can be shared in any of these three ways. Rest assured that Seraf only shares general information about the company and the round - private data about your personal transaction details will NEVER be shared.

Once you click the Share button, your colleague(s) will be notified via email.  

If they are already a Seraf client, they can click the link in the email, or simply log in to their account and accept the shared information in their dashboard.  If they are not an existing Seraf subscriber, they can choose to sign up for Seraf before accepting the shared records.

We encourage you to try this new feature. If you like Seraf, help spread the word and do a fellow angel a favor at the same time: let them know how Seraf can help them get organized and share a company (or two) to get them started.

To learn more, check out this short video tutorial on Sharing Investments.

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