What does the email say when I share an investment record with someone?

If you share an investment record with a colleague, they will receive an email from "Your Name at Seraf-Investor.com" and the subject line will read: "Your Name shared information about Company X with you".

The body of the email will read as follows:


Your Name uses Seraf to manage angel portfolio investments and has shared deal/company information about Company Name with you.


Message from Your Name:

Since we co-invested on this deal, I thought you might want to use Seraf to track your investment. I use Seraf to save time and give me a better handle on my angel portfolio. Here are the details on the company and its rounds.


To review the information, please click on the link below or paste it into the address bar of your web browser. 
This link will expire in 1 month.

Seraf Subscribers - You must log into your account before you can add this investment.

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