How do I write off an investment?

Seraf has a quick exit tool for recording write-offs found on the Investment page of each company profile. Follow these instructions to use it:

  • Open the company record for the company you'd like to exit. (To do so, click on the company name from Current Investments or anywhere else in your account.)
  • Go to the Investment tab within the company profile. The Investment page displays your holdings by round.
  • Click the Actions button on the top right.
  • Select "Exit this Investment" from the drop-down options.
  • Enter the Exit Proceeds for each round in which you have invested. In the case of a write-off, enter $0 for each round.
  • Enter the Exit Date or best estimate. 
  • Enter a Memo with any important notes related to the exit.
  • Click Review.
  • Review for accuracy and, if alright, click "Exit the Investment".

Seraf will automatically create the "exit transactions" for you. Once exited, the company should appear in the Exits & Returns section of your portfolio.

Note that you can also access the quick exit tool from Portfolio Management. Just click the exit icon in the column for Edit/Exit.

Enterprise accounts will need to Update Calculations in order to see the updated records after an exit.


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