How do I record a note redemption?

To record the redemption of a note by a company that has repaid your note, you will need to record a "Note Redemption" transaction. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Check which round of the company you're active in by going to the By Round tab found in Current Investments. Take note of the note round name you'd like to redeem. If you use investment accounts, note which account originally purchased the note. You may need to click on the round and open a transaction to see the detail.
  • Enter a new transaction by going to Portfolio Management and selecting the tab for Transactions. Click the orange button to "Add Transaction".
    • Select the Company.
    • Select the Round.
    • Select "Note Redemption" for the Transaction Type.
    • Enter the Date the note was redeemed.
    • Enter the Amount for which the note was redeemed. 
    • Verify that the Exit Transaction box is checked off. Note that you can only enter one note per round. If you have a note that was partially redeemed, then you should split the original note into two different rounds and transactions prior to adding a note redemption transaction. 
    • Enter notes in the Memo field (optional).
    • Click "Save".

Note that you can also record interest transactions for "Interest Paid in Cash" or "Interest Paid in Stock". And if your note was not redeemed but rather converted to stock, enter a "Note Conversion" transaction.

Once entered, you will be able to view your note redemption from the Exits & Returns section of your account. 

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