Does Seraf offer administrative access for Funds?

Seraf offers multiple points of administrative access for fund accounts. 
  • Primary Account - This account level has complete access to add new funds, change the billing information and add/edit and view all data, including the ability to assign and revoke privileges to other users.
  • Administrator Account - This account level can be granted on a fund by fund basis by the Primary Account and allows admins to add/edit and view all data within the fund(s) to which they've been granted access. They cannot add/delete funds, assign / revoke admin access to others, or change billing information.
  • Investor Account - This account level is "read-only" and typically granted to investors, LPs, advisors and board members. Investors can view the performance of the fund, their personal capital accounts where relevant, and access documents to which they've been assigned visibility.

  • Deal Flow Advisor - This account level can accept, view and edit prospects within the fund(s) to which they've been granted access. Users cannot modify the pipeline or deal flow process or edit or create application forms, but they will be able to access all other parts of Deal Flow. Additionally, users will be able to view, but not edit, the Portfolio Management side of your account, including viewing the Fund(s) holdings and metrics. This option is only available to Fund accounts subscribed to Deal Flow Management.
Learn how to set up administrative users for your fund account.
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