How do I record management fees for the fund I manage?

In order to record management fees for the fund(s) you manage, you'll want to add a new transaction. Follow these directions to add management fees:

  • Use the Add New... button on the left sidebar to add a transaction. Alternatively, go to the Transactions tab of Portfolio Management and click on the "Add Transaction" button located in the upper right corner.
  • Go straight to the Transaction Type drop-down menu and select "Management Fees". (Skip the fields for Company/Fund and Round of Investment.)
  • Enter the Date of the fees. 
  • Enter the Fee (amount).
  • Enter a Memo with any important notes related to the fee.
  • Save your entry.

This fee amount entered will be automatically allocated across all of your LPs assuming you've established their % ownership in the fund first. 

Learn how to establish % ownership for the LPs in your fund.

If you need to record additional management fees specific to one or more investors, you can add these from the Investor Transactions tab of Fund Management.

Learn more about how to add Management Fees paid by the Fund vs. Management Fees paid by Investors.

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