How can I set up administrative users for my Seraf Enterprise group account?

Seraf offers Enterprise clients the ability to assign administrative access to others within the organization to help manage the portfolio. Users granted administrative access have full add/edit privileges and are privy to all group account data.

Administrative access can be provided to existing investors or you can create a new investor profile for the sole purpose of administering the account. 

To grant administrative access, follow these steps:

  • Go to Investor Management.
  • Select the tab for Add Investors.
  • Enter the Email Address, First (Given) Name, and Last (Family) or Organization Name for each individual to whom you'd like to provide administrative access, and click "Add Investor".
  • Select the Overview tab of Investor Management and check the box next to the name of each person to whom you wish to give administrative access.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the table and click the button to "Grant (or remove) administrative privileges".
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the group and individual(s) to whom access should be granted.
  • Finally, notify the administrator(s) by sending a customized activation email

Once the administrators receive the activation email they can set up their own user name and password. You'll be able to identify those users of your account with administrative privilege in Investor Management by an icon next to their account information.

Note that if you grant administrative privilege to investors of the group for whom you've already activated their account, those investors will forfeit their personal views in favor of group tracking and analysis. In order for them to retain their personal views, you can set them up as separate investors with different email addresses than what's already recorded in Investor Management. No investors who are also subscribed to Seraf's individual service plan can become an administrator.  

Additional things to note regarding administrative access: Reminders set by the administrator will only be visible to the administrator; documents emailed to the administrator's Seraf-generated email address will only be visible to the administrator until filed under a specific account name; and, imported spreadsheets are saved at the Enterprise level, but the actual imports themselves are saved at the administrator level. Furthermore, administrators cannot add group level Investment Accounts, nor can they create or remove administrative privileges. 

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